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Kitesurfing is one of the world's fastest growing sports for a reason - it's so much fun!

Kitesurfing was started in 90's by madmen with great ideas; at that time safety, total de-power and effortless relaunch were phrases used, but not in connection with kitesurfing! Much changed in the years that followed. Modern kites have evolved the 'extreme' sport to more than just a distant dream or spectator sport. The huge wind ranges, stability in gusty winds, effortless relaunch and awesome de-power have made the sport more accessible and much much safer. The wondrous speed, lift and boosting capabilities of many modern kites leave everything to your imagination!

Kitesurfing is done independently but as part of a community of other proactive individuals. It's unlikely anyone put up a kite safely, jumped on a board and cruised off upwind on their first session.

With the right coaching and support kitesurfing can be enjoyed from day one and there's always something new to learn, achieve or strive for. Initially securing control over the kite can be a great achievement; with time riding, doing tricks and surfing waves will follow - and will blow you away!

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Cabrinha Kite and Board Demo Day - 5pm to 8pm, 16th August 2012 at Shoreham Beach