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Kitesurfkings Beach Guide


Wind direction: NE to SW

Beach: Sand beach with big tides, don't leave anything on the beach at low tide. Fast currents. Choppy small waves.

Good car park on sea front and local shop for drinks and stuff.

wind direction Greatstone Kitesurfking

Camber Sands

Wind direction: W to SE

Beach: Shallow shelf, sand and shingle. There are groynes so its recommended to kite at mid to low tide. Sand under foot.

Good car park and local amenities on beach front.

Kitesurfkings Camber Sands Kitesurf Chalet.

wind direction Camber Sands Kitesurfking

Pevensey Bay, Eastbourne

Wind direction: NE to SW

Beach: Shingle beach gradual slope to the water. Wooden groynes. Kite at low tide only. Small chop.

Parking near the beach can be tricky, very residential please be considerate. Good shops in town.

wind direction Pevensey Bay Kitesurfking

Hove Beach

Wind directions: E to W

Beach: Steep banked shelf beach, large concrete groynes, pebbles, can get choppy, waves on windy days. Not for beginners. In the summer the beach is very busy with bathers. Kite in front of the life guard station next to the King Alfred Leisure Centre. Ask local riders for advice on where to launch.

Good car park and local amenities on beach front.

wind direction Hove Beach Kitesurfking

Shoreham Beach

Wind direction: E to W

Beach: Shallow banked shingle beach, sand at low tide. Can get a little choppy. Zoned beach with Shoreham Beach Kitesurfing Club, please become a member via the website or pop into Surfladle on Ferry Road, Shoreham Beach.

Kitesurfkings teach from Shoreham Beach and wish to ensure the spot remains a safe friendly place to kite, please come and say hi. All the local riders are super cool and will happily point you in the right direction of where to kite. There are no Groynes in the Kite zone at Shoreham Beach so more experienced riders can kite at high tide.

Parking is limited on Shoreham Beach so please be considerate to the locals when parking.

Shoreham Beach has a great Café on Ferry Road called the Beach Café.

wind direction Shoreham Beach Kitesurfking

Lancing Beach

Wind Direction: E to W

Beach: Low tide only, as groynes become submerged and can be hazardous. Sand beach at low tide. Lancing Beach is zoned and has a club; local riders will help you out with joining the club. Small chop but really shallow at low tide. Great spot for practising new tricks but can get busy. Sweet grass area for pumping your kite up but do not launch on the grass.

There's a big car park on the spot that's only a couple of pounds for the day. Vans with roof racks need to be cautious of the barrier.

Big car park right on the spot only a couple of pounds for the day. Vans with roof racks be cautious of the barrier.

wind direction Lancing Beach Kitesurfking

Egypt, Zaafarana

Wind Direction: All wind directions as local school has a safety boat.

Beach: Stunning sandy beach with two good size lagoons. A massive sand bar runs out to sea which the wind blows over giving super flat water. There's the added safety of cross shore winds, waist deep water with sand under foot. An amazing flat water spot for learning or freestyle riding.

Great hotel and kite school on the spot.

wind direction Egypt Zaafarana Kitesurfking
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