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Come and join us down on Shoreham Beach on Tuesday the 16th August and be the first to see and test the full 2012 Cabrinha product range.

Kitesurfkings are proud to be hosting the official 2012 Cabrinha launch and demo in collaboration with the guys from Cabrinha HQ. We will have the full 2012 product range on the day for you to check out, ride and experience for yourselves.

There's a lot to be excited about! There are two new kites in the Cabrinha range for 2012 (the Vector and the Drifter) as well as a selection of new boards, product advancements and a number of industry firsts that we guarantee will impress you and which show Cabrinha's continued commitment to the sport and the progression, safety and enjoyment for the us, the riders.

Kit will be available for demo from 17.00 and we will be on Shoreham Beach until 20.00. We'll set up in front of Ferry Road and be using the Kitesurfkings teaching zone, go to the location page on the Kitesurfkings website for details of how to get there.

There are loads of great toys to check out and try, there are no costs for using the kit and everyone is welcome.

See you on the beach!

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Cabrinha Kite and Board Demo Day - 5pm to 8pm, 16th August 2012 at Shoreham Beach