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This is where things get a little crazy!

Choose a kiting package to take you from zero to kiting hero and not having to worry about getting your wallet out for new toys or lessons for years to come!

We're offering free kitesurfing lessons and kit set up to the value of £345 with any 2017 two kite quiver or a free beginner course worth 195 with any 2017 kite and board combo!!

Mad deals to be had on some of the Cabrinha, Flexifoil and Crazy Fly ranges, get up to 40% off on 2016 kit!

Want to get into landboarding? How about a free landboarding course worth £95 when purchasing any landboard and kite combo!

We used to run a static kitesurfing shop back in the day, so know what we're talking about; there are lots of online shops out there but why not support the people who bring you the kit demos, safety days and years of experience to gain some solid advice... and at the same prices or better!

Most kites are in stock, we're happy to price match, all cards excepted and there's full warranty and support so get in contact.

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Cabrinha Kite and Board Demo Day - 5pm to 8pm, 16th August 2012 at Shoreham Beach