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Landboarding Course (1 day)

The Landboarding Course covers the basic set up, safety systems, flying skills, using the wind window and understanding the wind with both foil and inflatable kites. We want to make you independent landboarders in a day! You'll be using the kite for power and over sized 'skateboards' (landboards) with off road wheels for on land cruising. We'll arm you with the skills needed to ride and teach you how to choose your locations safely (self risk assessment).

Landboarding and buggying can be loads of fun once a kite is thrown in the mix. Landboarding can be done in all wind directions, on the beach, fields, anywhere there's wind and no obstacles.

We love our landboarding site that we share with Orb360 on Devils Dyke; the location is perfect for catching all wind directions and has stunning views across Brighton, the coast and the South Downs. You can see a video of Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes from the BBC landboarding with us here.

Orbing is loads of fun too and when there's not enough wind to kite it's perfect for orbing, when it's too windy to orb it's perfect to kite. Orb360 really are the best guys to orb with and the location is something else, give them a shout.

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