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International Kite Clinics with Lewis Crathern

kitesurfing on a nice sunny beach

So you're already kitesurfing, isn't it great! If you're already riding upwind then how about seeing what else is possible... jumps, transitions, rotations, grabs, kite loops, pop and unhooked tricks are waiting to transform your time on the water!

The majority of us aspire to do more on the water, make our kiting more fun or have the skills and understanding to try new tricks but how's best to realise those dreams? October Intermediate/advanced Kite Clinic!

Kitesurfkings run Discovery Trips, Student Sessions and Advanced Kite Clinics; join Kitesurfkings and Pro Kitesurfer Lewis Crathern on an international Kite Clinic if you'd ready to take your kitesurfing to the next level. Previous Kite Clinics have seen students, that were only just upwind, completely change their stance, hammer upwind, land sweet jumps 80% of the time and try their first jump transitions, grabs and kite loops. Students that came away already landing their first jumps have returned having nailed jump transitions, grabs, back/front rolls, kite loops and their first unhooked raleys. Those that came away already having mastered unhooking returned home with handle passes under their belts... next stop kitesurfing comps!

Lewis Crathern
Lewis Crathern has been the British Kitesurfing Champion four times and has reached an awesome 13th on the world rankings, he stars in the Advanced Progression DVD's and has stunned the world by jumping over Worthing and Brighton piers. As well as being an acclaimed kitesurfer Lewis is a passionate people person with extensive coaching experience and a desire to help others progress in the sport. We want to jump like Lewis, and ideally nail our S-Bends, F-16's and Mobes just like him too! Come away with us and have a great time in top locations, learning new skills, with like minded people. You can check out some videos of Lewis Crathern kitesurfing on our KSK's TV page.

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