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Kenya or Zanzibar?

Do both! If you have to choose then have a good read of each and get in touch for a chat. Each year feedback is of the best kitesurfing holiday imaginable and astonishment at the incredible value; each year we push ourselves to improve on the last. Both trips are kite and life changing.

The Kenya trip was created in 2015 and is a beautiful edition to our Zanzibar trip. It's over 10 years since our Zanzibar launch trip in Sept 2010 and we've added extras to celebrate the 10 year anniversary, including surfing trips, a photographed reef downwinder and a SUP downwinder along the reef to our awesome 2020 itinerary. Abilities are always mixed, as are ages, backgrounds and genders. It's one perfect kitesurf family adventure for lovely dudes.

ZANZIBAR 2020 | KENYA 2020

Why so excited?

Guaranteed sunshine, trade winds, white sands, flat turquoise waters, lush waves, reef breaks, kiting straight off the beach and at the best spots in East Africa. We're also getting excited thinking about the downwinders, kite safaris, surf trips, SUP downwinder, hydrofoiling and progression sessions we'll be enjoying. Each trip is different and each trip's incredible! We've a sweet bases and teams looking after us and you have two Kitesurfkings instructors flying out from the UK to take care of your every need.

Kiting for all

We've worked hard to create the dream kitesurfing holidays that are open to everyone regardless of their level of experience and come up with trips that cater for complete beginners through to kitesurfing pros and even caters for non-kiters. With two Kitesurfkings instructors and a full support network of instructors and beach support in country, you can choose between an instructor led progression session or instructor led downwinder depending on your mood.

There's so much to tell you about these awesome trips, best thing to do is to have a read of the PDF's ZANZIBAR 2020 KENYA 2020 and take a look at some of the trip photographs on the Kitesurfkings Facebook page. You can then email any booking requests to: luke@kitesurfkings.com or give us a call on 07878 399 419.

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