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Kitesurfkings Student Sessions

kitesurfing on a nice sunny beach

The focus of these sessions is to spend loads of time kitesurfing with the Kitesurfkings team in new kitesurfing destinations. Forget about work for a while and let us take care of you, show you a good time and coach you onto the next level.

Benefit from our experience, passion for travel and kitesurfing whilst getting to ride some awesome new spots, meet like minded kiters and have an all round great time.

Our Kitesurfkings Student Sessions have all been bloody fantastic but we don't usually have a camera man with us, this changed in March 2010 - check out the video edit. To date all of our Kitesurfkings Student Sessions have had evenly mixed groups of men and women of varying ages with varying levels of kitesurfing experience; all kitesurfers are welcome so don't worry if you're just starting out or already going for it.

Only after a weekend get away? We now have UK based weekend sessions for anyone who enjoys having a good time, has an interest in getting into the water and into kite piloting, kitesurfing, kiteboarding, paddle surfing and having a great break. How about coming to kite from Friday to Sunday with us in Camber Sands?

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Cabrinha Kite and Board Demo Day - 5pm to 8pm, 16th August 2012 at Shoreham Beach