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White Air Extreme Sports Festival

kitesurfing on a nice sunny beach

Kitesurfkings hosted the Kitesurf Village at White Air - Europe's largest extreme sports festival. Extreme Dudes! As well as all the great bands, sports and events that took place elsewhere Kitesurfkings rocked the Kitesurf Village!

White Air Baby! Shame about the wind but everyone got a tan and there was a cool vibe on the beach and in the Concorde. The Kiteworld/Kitesurfkings slider, built by Chris Burke and crew, was bloody great. If we had wind it would have worked even better but toe ins by Sean on the jet ski worked well. A big up to the pro riders who came down to show us how it was done; with Ruben Lenten, Davey Blair, Tom Court, Susi Mai, Sam Light, Ali Barrett and Chris Burke over for the weekend kitesurfing at the Kitesurfkings Village was being well represented. Thanks to our graffiti artists SNUB and MISH FIT, Honador Productions, Sussex Academy of Music, our promo team, Chris Burke and the Pro Riders, the BBC, Extreme Sports Channel and everyone that came down to hang out at the Kitesurfkings Kite Village.

Check out this cheeky little video to get a flavour: Kitesurfkings White Air Kitesurf Village

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